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Q: Why would I choose Let’s Talk Birth over going to the hospital where my baby will be born?

A: As an Independent Childbirth Educator, I am a Registered Midwife that has worked in both Public and Private Obstetric Units. I have a passion for “making it right” for families and deliver the education without the biases of the facility in which I am employed.

I have a professional commitment and responsibility to maintaining updated knowledge relevant to midwifery and parenting education, and I am able to offer you flexibility with times, locations and learning needs.

Q: Does the cost of the course cover both my partner and I?

A: Yes. The course is designed to provide education for both you and your partner. If you have chosen to have an extra support person at your delivery, then they are more than welcome to attend at no extra cost.


Q: For the one on one package, can I vary the content of the package?

A: Yes. Let’s Talk Birth aims to offer you flexibility and support you with what you want to learn about. The online questionnaire allows you to consider some choices that you may choose to add or delete to your learning journey, however I am more than happy for you to ring me and we can discuss a package that is tailored to your needs.


Q: If I have a few expectant friends, can we have the education as a group in our home?

A: That is a fantastic idea to establish your own parent group before your babies are due. One of the many advantages of Let’s Talk Birth is that it is designed to cater for your needs, and small groups at home are welcome.


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